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Superior Charting, Smarter Investing

Through TradeOr’s powerful integration with TradingView you can access real-time data & thorough market insights that are easy & intuitive for beginners yet compelling enough for experienced traders. TradingView has the added benefit of its community component allowing you to learn from others, spot trends, and feel part of an ever-growing social network of traders.

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TradingView phone Superior Charting, Smarter Investing with TradeOr

TradingView’s Powerful Features

Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting

Benefit from insightful charts that allow you look up the latest market moves or analyze complex price patterns.

Technical Analysis the Right Way with TradingView

Technical Analysis the Right Way

TradingView comes with hundreds of built-in features for in-depth market analysis. 50+ drawing tools, multi- timeframe custom indicators & more.

Access detailed analysis of the markets with Pine Script

Pine Script

Access detailed analysis of the markets by creating custom indicators, trading multi-signal alerts & backtesting your strategy.

How TradingView Helps You

If you are looking for a highly effective trading tool that has all the necessary resources to help you execute your trading strategy, TradingView’s powerful platform can help you do just that. Benefit from:

✓ Increased trade efficiency with live quotes & advanced charts
✓ Reliable data feeds with direct access to global markets
✓ Filter assets to uncover the ones that offer the best value & growth potential
✓ Be part of a large network of traders & investors

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Your TradingView Questions Answered

What is TradingView?

TradingView is a powerful platform that allows traders access to real-time financial information and market data. It provides all the tools required to share and unlock new trading ideas.

How does TradingView work?

TradeOr’s integration with TradingView allows traders to better their trading by offering an inclusive environment where traders can publish their own trading ideas or simply learn by seeing what others are doing.

How do I open the TradingView chart on TradeOr?

Log into your TradeOr account, select the asset you wish to analyze and simply choose your favored charting option.

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Create Bigger, Better, and More Advanced Charts

TradeOr’s mission is to simplify the trading experience by providing innovative trading solutions. Read our full guide on TradingView and see how you can unlock the full potential of this integration.

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