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Trade crypto and diversify for more trading benefits today! Crypto trading offers you more opportunities to take advantage of volatility when you pair it with a HODL strategy.

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$25k to the Top Trading Competition

Volatility Can Be a Trader’s Best Friend

While people question cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange, their volatility provides day- traders with opportunities to cash in on the price movements and grow the value of their portfolios.

TradeOr Helps Traders Navigate the Crypto World

TradeOr’s platform was built to bridge the gap with cryptocurrency and other tradable assets.

If you already own digital assets that we support (LTC, BTC, ETH, XRP & DOGE), you can use those to fund your account.

On top of offering ultimate security, our selection of crypto funding options gives traders the freedom to trade anywhere with little limitation.

Learn trading the right way with TradeOr

Stay Ahead of the Crypto Curve

After account confirmation, all crypto deposits are credited to your account instantly. You’ll be ready to trade in under 15 minutes. Why use crypto to deposit your TradeOr account?

Unlimited Earning Potential

More User Autonomy

Your funds, your control. Crypto transactions eliminate the need of the middleman giving you the power over your own money.

Affiliate-Friendly Cookie Lifespan

Less Bank Fees

Despite incurring small transaction fees associated with the blockchain, crypto users avoid the traditional banking fees associated with fiat currencies.

Marketing Tools to Convert

More Accessibility

Crypto transactions can be carried out in minutes from your smartphone or other mobile devices.

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Tools to help you succeed

With TradeOr, you will trade safely with 0% Commission and 2-factor-authentication. We also offer a Watchlist, Take Profit, Stop Loss and many more features.

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How TradingView Helps You

If you are looking for a highly effective trading tool that has all the necessary resources to help you execute your trading strategy, TradingView’s powerful platform can help you do just that. Benefit from:

✓ Increased trade efficiency with live quotes & advanced charts
✓ Reliable data feeds with direct access to global markets
✓ Filter assets to uncover the ones that offer the best value & growth potential
✓ Be part of a large network of traders & investors

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Funding Options that Best Suit You

TradeOr is dedicated to providing you with low fees and a variety of funding options to power your crypto investments.

✓ Fast, flexible funding, making it easier for you to trade crypto anywhere, anytime. 
✓ Credit Card deposits & withdrawals 
✓ Wherever you are in the world, we hold your funds with top-tier banks.

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Start trading Crypto with 0% Commission

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