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Women Account For 53% Of Crypto Enthusiasts In U.S.

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Cryptocurrency 27 Apr 2022
Although cryptocurrency is not gender-biased, it appears that more women in the United States are becoming interested in it.

According to a recent Gemini survey, approximately 53% of those who expressed an interest in investing in cryptocurrency are women. However, a survey conducted by a cryptocurrency exchange in the United States found that only 26% of women hold or invest in the asset market in real-time. Nevertheless, the survey highlighted one important fact: women have a growing enthusiasm and interest in acquiring digital assets when compared to men.

Women’s Interest In Crypto is Growing in the U.S.

Similarly, BTC Markets, an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange, has noticed an increasing trend of more women holding virtual assets.

Surprisingly, women have invested in crypto on the platform in greater numbers than males. Women’s engagement on the platform has risen to 172%, while male participation has risen to 80% in the past year. It’s a significant change. Evidently, women are more active or risk-takers than males, putting down bigger initial deposits.

Are Women Bolder Investors?

Women, according to psychology, are more cautious and take more measured risks than men, who are more daredevils when it comes to trading and investing. Before making a final decision, women tend to consider and even reconsider their options. Women crypto investors, on the other hand, tend to be more aggressive than their male counterparts this time around.

Women, prefer to handle their own portfolios rather than entrusting their digital assets to a broker. This demonstrates how risk-averse they are since they still want to have the upper hand when it comes to managing their Bitcoin or other similar assets.

More Women Empowerment

According to Becky Smouha, CEO/Founder of SuperBabesNFT Club in Sydney, Australia, the digital currency space appears to be dominated by men. It can also be extremely complex and overtly technical, which may intimidate many women.

However, if women become too afraid to try or hover in uncharted territory, they become self-limiting. Right then and there, growth is stifled. In that vein, she considers it her mission to gently persuade or lead women into the meta or crypto environment.

The crypto area can be extremely difficult for both men and women. Smouha, on the other hand, emphasizes that the challenges should not alienate but rather empower more women to metaphorically get their feet wet and dive into the crypto industry.


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