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TradingView: Experience Superior Charting Functionality

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Created by TradeOr

Trading 11 Mar 2021

Superior Charting, Smarter Investing

Trading can seem daunting, but TradeOr aims to make it easier. Traders can analyze the markets more clearly, diversify their portfolio, create compelling watchlists allowing them to find new opportunities faster. Create bigger, better, and more advanced charts using TradingView. Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice trader, these trading solutions offer a complete toolkit for every stage of the trading process. Read on for a full understanding of how Tradeor’s integrated TradingView features can help you tackle financial markets.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is another powerful platform that is easy to use for the beginner and advanced enough to fulfill the charting needs of the experienced trader. This platform allows traders to follow their favorite assets but has the added benefit of its “community” component. Traders can easily discover trading ideas, spot trends all while feeling part of a large social network of traders.

How can TradingView Help You?

If you are looking for a highly effective trading tool that has all the necessary resources to help you execute your trading strategy, TradingView’s powerful platform can help you do just that. Traders can discover hidden possibilities through technical analysis and charting through the sophisticated tools supplied by the TradingView platform.

1-Increased Trade Efficiency

With live quotes, advanced charts, and expert trading ideas traders can use TradeOr’s integrated TradingView feature to execute even the most advanced strategies more efficiently. Like with ChartIQ, you can trade from anywhere in the world when you have an internet connection.

2-Charting & Technical Analysis Functionality

TradingView is known for its intuitive charting functionality. It comes with hundreds of pre-built features so that traders can conduct technical analysis with ease. Such features include multi-timeframe analysis, custom indicator templates, candlestick pattern recognition, Auto Fibonacci Retracement indicator, 50+ intelligent drawing tools, and other popular indicators.

3-Pine Script

Pine Script is a feature that allows traders to create their own indicators allowing a more detailed analysis of different markets. Access, a library of ready-to-use community-powered indicators, a broad range of strategy reports allowing backtesting and pricing, and financial data from any trading instrument.

ChartIQ vs TradingView

Using TradingView on TradeOr!

At TradeOr we envision a world where traders have the technology to shape a new way to trade. With our integration with TradingView, you can access real-time data & thorough market insights that are easy & intuitive for beginners yet compelling enough for experienced traders, sign up today and get started.