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Hottest Tech, Growth & Entertainment Stocks to Trade in 2021


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Stocks & Indices 08 Apr 2021

Key Takeaways

• 3 of the hottest tech stocks to look out for
• Entertainment stocks to watch
• Keep an eye out for TradeOr’s shares to watch

Investing in stocks in 2021 is a totally different story to trading stocks in 2020. 2020’s stock market thrived on trends relating to Covid-19’s lockdowns scenario. However, smart investors in 2021 should look out for stocks that reflect a healing economy.
In the below article, we give you the lowdown on which stocks you need to put on your TradeOr watchlist if you want to be successful on the markets in 2021.

Investing in Growth

Growth stocks are those that increase their revenue and earnings at a faster pace than the average organization in their industry. These are shares are not always new players to the market. They are also those that already have significant market share but enter new markets by effectively synergizing their base company offering with growing industries. So without further or so we bring your our picks for top growth stocks that could be worth buying in 2021.


AAPL price per share: $132.08 (at the time of writing)

The tech giant is set to keep rising by 13% this year according to JP Morgan analysts. But why should you invest in them now? Well, it seems that due to the stock’s recent dive, it is trading at a cheaper price than the average price last year. Thirty times cheaper to be exact. In contrast to this dip, the stock market is predicting a huge improvement on last year’s profits and is expecting over 21% revenue growth from Apple. These earnings will most definitely reflect positively on the stock’s performance this year. This should translate into big profits for traders.

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)

FB price per share: $297.26 (at the time of writing)

It comes as no surprise that Covid-19 pushed all internet users to resort to more online communication. Social media tools such as Facebook were more important than ever. Forbes, as of April 5th, 2021 is predicting a 25% growth potential in the next term. This is a continuation of the rise Facebook experienced in 2020 due to businesses shifting to e-commerce.  More advertising budgets were pumped into Facebook in 2020. This trend is set to continue in 2021, at least for the first half of the year so make sure you keep Facebook on your watchlist in the coming months.


TSLA price per share: $723.22 (at the time of writing)

There is no denying that Tesla is one of the hottest properties in the stock market. 2020 proved a success for many long-term holders as the car maker’s shares were up 695% for the year. Thus far in 2021 this success seems halted, as TSLA has seen a massive pullback.

However, buying the stock in the dip could be a great way to begin. According to the company itself, they think they can increase deliveries year over year at a rate of 50%. In addition to this, they believe they can see 50% annual growth for the foreseeable future. Considering the disruption caused by Covid-19, Tesla has still managed to ride high with 5 consecutive profitable quarters.

Tesla has the pole position in the electric vehicles (EV) market and investors have so many reasons to believe in TSLA right now. Not only it is a pioneer in the global EV market where all other automakers will continuously play catch up it has recently taken a position in the cryptocurrency market by investing $1.5 billion in Bitcoin. An investment that is up 80% in less than 60 days. Not to mention the five-for-one stock split Tesla did in late 2020, making it more affordable for everyday investors to purchase shares.

Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN)

Price per share: $3,323.72 (at the time of writing)

This might come as shock in the “growth” stocks category because of the sheer dominance that Amazon has had over the years. Irrespective of this, with a market cap of $1.5 trillion you would be mistaken if you think AMZN is finished growing. The eCommerce giant is continuously expanding its service offering. With areas such as healthcare and more recently the rumors that they will delve into the crypto space help maintain their momentum over the long-term. The coronavirus pandemic proved to be no obstacle for Amazon, as they benefited greatly from increased online retail shopping. They were privy to a 44% jump in net sales, seeing sales for the 4th quarter sit at $125.6 billion.

However, while Amazon’s bottom line is performing well, the giant never rests on its laurels. They are always on the look for growth opportunities that can synergize perfectly into an already massive scale and retail infrastructure. In the last quarter of 2020 Amazon made its mark on the $319 billion pharmacy market. This project allowed customers to fill their prescriptions through Amazon pharmacy in 45 US states. Despite this being a competitive industry, the E-commerce behemoth has an upper hand through the synergy of this new platform and the existing Prime service. Through collaborating both they were able to offer customers 2-day free delivery coupled with savings of up to 80% at checkout.

Entertainment Stocks to Watch

In 2020 Covid-19 sent the world into a frenzy, with some industries affected more than others. The entertainment industry was one of those industries, but it has two narratives. While cinemas/theaters and theme parks took a big hit, on the other side of the coin we had the “stay at home economy” which was a windfall for streaming and video game producers.




This streaming company has definitely benefited hugely in 2020, registering 16 million new signups thanks to lockdown. The pandemic translated into good news on the live market as Netflix had a whopping 70% rise since its sluggish performance in March 2020. This tech stock’s potential success on the market is influenced greatly by the effect of the pandemic worldwide and the possibility of a return to normal life. Before you invest in this stock make sure you keep updated on international regulations and how they will affect the lifestyles in different countries. However, for the coming months, as the pandemic continues to keep a tight hold on people’s need to stay inside, it is safe to say that Netflix will continue to be a strong buy for investors worldwide.


Keep an Eye On TradeOr’s Shares to Watch

So now you know what growth stocks to keep a watchful eye on would you like to see our picks performance for the remainder of 2021? Watchlists let you track investments so that you can stay ahead of the markets and identify market opportunities quickly. To create compelling watchlists simply log into your TradeOr account and navigate to “watchlist” and click “open the Markets watchlist selector” and simply pick the stocks you wish to keep your eye on.

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