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How do you choose the best online trading academy for you? Which courses should you choose? Read on for the full guide.



If you want to trade on the markets, but you don’t feel confident enough in your abilities, an online trading academy is a great place to start. 


From a distance, trading may just look like gambling in a casino. The difference is a casino has huge control over the odds, in some cases total control. In trading, it is skill which will, more often than not, separate the winners from the losers. The future of a stock or commodity is never certain but, with some technical understanding, the right software and a good trading platform, it can become easier to predict. 


Choosing An Online Trading School

Some people choose to jump straight in and start trading without doing any online trading learning. While it’s true nothing beats practice, it may come at a cost. There are some golden rules and strategies which have been learned at great expense to other traders in the past: why not learn from their mistakes (and successes) first? There are actually some online brokers which will allow you to practice with virtual money. This is an excellent route to take but, at least to begin with, save yourself the headaches by using an online trading academy. 


Before you start your trading career, it’s advisable you cover some of the essential trading topics. When you have chosen your trading niche, you can hone your knowledge by reading into specific subjects and strategies related to it. Whichever road you take, there are some core concepts which are applicable to all types of trading. First and foremost, you will need to understand the way the markets work and the options available to you in terms of interpreting market data and the types of investment you can make.  

Choosing The Best Online Courses

Trading courses vary hugely in nature. Many are set up for specific marketplaces and trading strategies. This might be a confusing place to start, although it’s a great place to end up. To begin with, you need to think about yourself. What are your financial goals? What are your time constraints? Will trading be a hobby, a job or both? Trading is a highly personal occupation. Some people relish the time they spend trading. Others prefer a more hands off approach. Knowing this will already help you target the right courses. 


Research the different markets because each comes with its own set of trading opportunities and data analysis tools. Finding the right online broker is the final piece of the puzzle and it can make all the difference. TradeOr is a superb all-round solution. Not only does it have an extensive range of markets, data analytic tools, technical and expert support, TradeOr also allows you to set up a “demo account” so you can supplement all this theory with practice, without risking a cent. TradeOr also has its own courses which are available to anyone interested in learning. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s say you want an average amount of involvement, trading once every week or so and you want to make a big investment with excellent potential returns. You will now know you want to be a “swing trader” and the forex market would suit you well, as you could open CFD (“contract for difference”) positions with your broker to “leverage” more funds for the chance of a greater pay out. Step one at an online trading academy is to know what kind of trader you are. You should also look for a good quality, reputable trading platform which can also offer you a practice trading account, such as TradeOr. 

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