Day Trading For Beginners – Understanding The Basics

Understand the basics and choose the right platform for you before you start day trading.

A trading chart with blue and yellow waves on a laptop screen -Day Trading For Beginners Understanding The Basics and Getting Started


Day trading is where investors open and close a position in a single day. Day traders may execute multiple trades a day, seeking profit in the market’s short-term price fluctuations. The more trades you do, the more money you make, right?


Many traders fail at the first hurdle due to this misconception. In trading, there is no shortcut to profit. This type of trading can be enormously lucrative, but the pressure of shorter time frames brings its own set of challenges. Luckily, however, excellent day trading software is available to guide your hand at this trading style.

What Is Day Trading?

Let us step back into the classroom for a moment. What exactly is day trading, and how does it compare to other investment strategies? The clue is in the name: day traders trade by day. By this, we don’t mean diurnal traders who wait until the sun streams in before they fire up their laptops. The word “day” refers to the fact that these traders open and close many positions within 24 hours. This contrasts with swing traders, who may execute multiple trades over several days or even weeks. Essentially, they observe the long haul “swings” of assets’ value in the markets while day traders work off the short-term price movements.

Pros And Cons Of Day Trading

In the world of online trading, short-term does not necessarily mean quick. Day traders seeking to profit from the short-term movements in stocks, commodities, or other assets still need to analyze the markets. Traders may use fundamental analysis (financial or economic factors influencing the markets) or technical analysis (using data and patterns to predict future market movements) to make their decisions.

As with most investment strategies, day traders will need to consider their available capital, risk assessment and find a broker with suitable leverage options and spreads. Finding a trading platform with the right tools to equip you to day trade effectively is also critical. Remember that the contextual information and factors affecting the markets will differ for day traders and swing traders. This is where day trading software and tools for technical analysis become the saving grace and often profit machines for beginner and expert traders alike.

Essential Toolkit For Day Traders

In today’s world, most trading takes place online. The first and most important instrument in any day trader’s toolkit is a personal computer and a decent internet connection. That said, if you are trading online, then your internet access is your direct line to potential profit, so make sure you have a reliable provider and fast connection.

All online investors need the correct information at their fingertips, but day traders feel particular pressure to keep abreast of the latest news affecting the markets (and, therefore, their trades). A sure-fire way to ensure that you have access to timely market data is to use day trading software like charting tools.

Best Day Trading Software

Many online brokers will have software built into their platforms to facilitate their clients’ trading experience. Day traders need programs that allow them to skim through market information to make quick and frequent decisions. Having access to a stream of real-time data is key to your success when trading the markets.

Essentially day traders need access to relevant and timely market data, programs where they can chart prices and backtest new strategies, and perhaps electronic software in which you can execute trades directly. The options available to you may depend on whether you use Mac, Windows, or possibly trade on the go from your mobile phone. The software you choose will also change depending on the markets you trade (some software is tailored to certain assets such as cryptocurrency or commodities). Also, please do remember that while there are plenty of free trading programs, it may be worth forking out to unlock all the features and ensure you are prepared for success. Here at TradeOr, we wanted only the best for our clients, and therefore we provide TradingView. This stellar program would generally be locked behind a hefty price tag, but TradeOr clients can access them entirely for free!


More than a charting tool, TradingView is a global community of fellow traders. The market insights and real-time data that bring up all the relevant financial information with the sweep of a finger, are just two of this tool’s priceless features. TradingView is also a social network of industry peers. The growing community provides a pool of trading insights, expert analysis, and advice for beginners and veterans alike.

TradingView is an advanced charting program to analyze price patterns and monitor the markets. You can also personalize your charts with drawing tools and custom indicators.


TradeOr aims to streamline and innovate your trading experience through our simple and powerful platform through both the above programs. Should you need help navigating the site, then our customer support team is available 24/7. Whether you are interested in trading stocks, futures, or joining the cryptocurrency gold rush – we have it at TradeOr. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or commissions!

As you can see, “What is the best day trading software?” is a loaded question. Different markets, strategies, and individuals come with their own set of requirements. Your best bet is to find a reliable and feature-rich platform like TradeOrwith the tools to arm you for the markets.

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