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50% Deposit Bonus

This promotion ended June 8th, 2021

As a new member of the TradeOr family, we’ll boost your Account Balance by granting you a 50% Deposit Bonus.

50% trading deposit bonus with TradeOr

TradeOr: Boosting you
Towards Success

Everyone deserves a kick of motivation to start walking the path towards their goals. Today, TradeOr offers a 50% Bonus on your deposits, a massive add-on to your Account Balance just by opening an account with us and start trading. Use the Deposit Bonus to diversify your portfolio or simply open larger positions. Remember that every trade should be backed by a well-thought strategy and thanks to TradeOr, your journey begins with maximized profit potential!

50% sign-up bonus for all users

Learn trading the right way with TradeOr

How to Get Started

It couldn’t be any easier to get your 50% Deposit Bonus at TradeOr, just follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign up to TradeOr and open your Account.
  2. Successfully complete your first deposit.
  3. Get a 50% Bonus once your funds have reached your Trading Account.
*Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions below

50% Deposit Bonus
Terms & Conditions

Below you can find the standard Terms and Conditions for a Limited time Deposit bonus available to TradeOr Clients


  1. Only new TradeOr Clients can benefit from the Deposit Bonus Promotion and it will be available after entering through the specific URL related to the promotion.
  2. The Deposit Bonus will be sent as a credit amount on the Clients Trading Account, which will be released from said credit account by engaging in a minimum level of trading.
  3. Each Client can claim the Deposit Bonus Promotion on their deposit which has not been used to claim any other reward of any other available promotion.
  4. Only trading volume in Forex pairs, Metals, and Cryptos is accounted for to calculate the trading volume for the Bonus campaigns. The rest of the instruments are excluded.
  5. The Deposit Bonus offered is 50% of the deposited amount and the maximum Deposit Bonus is £$€ 5000 per Client. After successfully making a transfer of funds, the Client will receive the Deposit Bonus in his or her respective Trading account. The Deposit Bonus will be issued as Credit into the Trading Account within 24 hours of transfer.
  6. A Client has to trade at least 1 standard lot with the collected Deposit Bonus to transfer a Deposit Bonus from the credit account into balance.
  7. If the required number of lots has not been reached, the account balance has returned to £$€ 0, or any funds are withdrawn before the required amount of lots has been traded, the remaining Deposit Bonus will be removed from the credit.
  8. Any part of the Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn once the total of lots required to withdraw the entire Deposit Bonus has been traded.
  9. Only after the required number of lots has been reached to transfer all Credit to Balance, will the promotional funds become the property of the Client. Any Credit on the account remains the Property of the Brand until such time.
  10. If the Credit in the account is greater than the equity of the account, any remaining credit will be removed from the account.
  11. TradeOr reserves the right to change the terms of the Deposit Bonus campaign or cancel it at any time.
  12. TradeOr reserves the right to disqualify any Client if there exists any suspicion of misuse or abuse of fair rules of the Deposit Bonus Promotion. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.