CFD Trading for Beginners 2021 | TradeOr Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to trade CFDs successfully. Guide for beginners: Basic terms & knowledge at TradeOr. Sign up for free CFD demo account! | TradeOr



You may be a seasoned stock market investor looking for another trading gateway or perhaps you’ve never played the markets at all? Either way, this guide to CFD trading for beginners will help you get up and running. 


CFD trading is fast becoming one of the most popular trading avenues online. The reasons are simple: it’s quicker, easier, and cheaper. It’s quicker because you don’t need to buy physical shares in a company via a stockbroker. It’s easier because you have a greater choice of brokers and a broader marketplace. Finally, it’s cheaper because you don’t need to pay such high commissions. 

CFDs Explained

CFD stands for “contract for difference” which is exactly what it is. You begin by choosing which stocks and shares you are interested in. Then, instead of approaching a broker to purchase these stocks on your behalf, you make a “contract” with your broker. The contract ties you to a particular asset, just as if you owned the shares, but it is your broker who will pay you the “difference” when the designated shares go up. This means you don’t have to purchase the shares at the listed share price. CFD brokers may also allow you to leverage large sums of money which can hugely increase your profit.

Does it all sound too good to be true? Remember, you are still essentially making a bet which you may lose money on. Nevertheless, a lot of investors are moving to CFD trading because it has a lot of advantages over traditional stockbroking. If you are interested, you need to choose your CFD trading platform carefully. There are a lot out there and they are not governed (for better and worse) by the same red tape as conventional stockbrokers. As always, there are those companies who would take advantage of this and so please read our advice for finding the right online CFD brokerage.

Learn how to trade CFDs

The first rule of CFD trading for beginners is to first find the right platform. If the online CFD broker is good enough, they will help you to understand all you need to know about CFD trading. Second, you need to find out if the broker has a positive, established reputation. Finally, consider the usability of their site, its functionality and its financial resources which should include a technical support team. 


The TradeOr platform has established itself over time as a trustworthy and reliable online broker. By using TradeOr, not only will you be able to easily open any CFD trades you may wish to make (from TradeOr’s extensive marketplace), they also give you the means to learn how to trade CFDs successfully. TradeOr also offers a demo account with a large sum of play money (fake money) to test out your skills and experience the platform. They have a range of financial tools to use, including ChartIQ and TradingView to analyze market data and your own performance. Their support team also has financial experts on standby to help you with any questions you may have. 


Once you understand the concept of CFD trading, most of the CFD trading tips can be found via your trading platform. It is important to research and scrutinize all of the CFD brokers you come across. TradeOr can provide you with everything you need. TradeOr is a reputable firm who will offer you competitive rates, that is, if you decide to progress from the demo account to using a realmoney account. Of course, you shouldn’t limit your learning solely to the platform but TradeOr can facilitate CFD trading for beginners and help turn them into pros. 

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