Online CFD Brokers – The Best Brokers for CFDs

Discover the best brokers for CFDs in 2021.



CFD trading is a popular form of online trading. Traders use CFD brokers to speculate on price changes of an underlying asset. Unlike other forms of trading however, there is no obligation to purchase the asset itself.

A CFD or “contract for difference” is an agreement between the trader and their broker to pay the difference in the price of an asset when opening a CFD and closing the trade.

Comparing With Other Forms Of Trading

CFD trading is similar to investing in futures and options. A CFD can be opened on a wide range of underlying assets, including stocks, commodities, and indices. When you purchase these assets, you are exposed to market risk, and CFD trading is no exception.

Many traders choose CFDs for the leverage possibilities offered by many online CFD brokers, the high turnover and market volatility. Forex trading is limited to currencies, whereas CFDs let you trade in many other assets. Many markets require large amounts of capital to begin trading. By using CFDs, traders can use smaller deposits to bet on the price differences of the assets themselves.

Can You Trade CFDs?

Once you have found the best CFD broker, all you need is a minimum deposit and your ID to get started. It is worth remembering that CFDs are derivatives; in other words, they derive their value from the related stock, index or any other underlying asset. Derivative trading can be complicated for beginners. Also, the leverage possibilities offered by many online brokers may be tempting to those wanting to increase their capital but beware of the risks involved. Make sure you carry out a CFD broker comparison before you get started.

Qualities Of a Good CFD Broker


Most brokers will offer you leverage on your CFD trading. In a nutshell, leverage uses borrowed funds (in this case, from your broker) to make a bigger trade than your capital would allow. Leverage is used in margin trading, i.e., when a third party provides the funds. “Margin” is the capital needed to open a position, while “leverage” is the ratio of equity exposure.

Most online CFD brokers will provide leverage to their clients at a ratio of up to 200:1. Remember, leverage will magnify your loss as much as your reward. Are you new to CFD trading? In that case it is recommended you practice with a demo account before risking your money.


CFD platforms will provide CFDs at different spreads. A spread is basically the difference between two rates, prices, or yields. With CFD platforms, you could get a “fixed spread” where you know the amount in advance or a “floating spread,” that changes depending on the market. Some online CFD brokers will also charge a commission fee.  

Other features

In your CFD broker comparison, it is important to weigh up the costs involved and leverage on offer. There are other features to consider too. Educational tools for online training or market insight are invaluable for informed trading. Look into the customer support available from your broker. 

The Perfect Broker For Your CFD Needs

When it comes to the best CFD broker 2021, TradeOr fits the bill. This innovative trading platform lets you trade stocks, indexes, and even cryptocurrencies with CFDs – all with 0% commission. TradeOr clients benefit from exclusive access to  TradingView, integrated tools for visual analysis of the market, and shared insights with fellow traders. Best of all, the stellar customer support offered by this platform means the answer is always a click away.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best brokers for CFD in 2021 there are lots of options. Long-standing brokers have the years of experience under their belts – but the price to prove it. Beginner traders may prefer a platform with tons of educational resources and customer support over trading options. Expert traders will look for a broker with the right trading options and spreads for their portfolio. 

TradeOr performs well on every metric. Setting up an account with TradeOr is simple, and there is no hidden commission. The easy-to-use platform interface has tons of features and tools to help launch you into CFD trading. 

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