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Bringing Financial Data to Life with ChartIQ

TradeOr’s integrated ChartIQ feature is designed to help traders capitalize on the markets and to ensure they never miss another trading opportunity. ChartIQ gives a full market view through pre and post trade analytics, advanced charting and educational features providing traders with everything they need all in one place.

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What Makes ChartIQ Unique

HTML5 Charting Library

HTML5 Charting Library

ChartIQ is the first & only Professional grade HTML5 Charting Library solution that that helps traders make better decisions.

WebTrader for MT4

Cross-Platform Delivery:

With ChartIQ you can make super-fast market decisions anywhere: mobile, tablet or desktop.

Built-in portal & widget features

Portal & Widget

Built-in portal & widget features give traders access to detailed real-time market data required for quick decisions.

The ChartIQ Advantage

ChartIQ delivers charts that are easily understood by both experienced and beginner traders. This unique integration gives you:

✓ Unparalleled flexibility & performance
✓ 100% chart customization
✓ Increased accessibility

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Your ChartIQ Questions Answered


What is ChartIQ?

ChartIQ as a platform is designed with HTML5 in combination with other innovative programmatic languages. It allows traders to interact and engage with financial data through customizable charts.

How do I open the ChartIQ chart on TradeOr?

Log into your TradeOr account and pick the trading instrument you wish to analyze. Here you have the preference option between ChartIQ & TradingView. Simply choose your preference and start trading more efficiently.

Which is better ChartIQ or TradingView?

Both charting solutions offer their own unique features and represent market data in a way that helps traders capitalize on the markets. Which is better comes down to individual preference, that’s why with TradeOr we give you the best of both worlds.

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Experience the ChartIQ Benefit

At TradeOr we envision a world where traders have the technology to shape a new way to trade. Read our full guide on ChartIQ and see how you can unlock the full potential of this integration.

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