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Affiliate Program Terms &

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  1. The TradeOr Affiliate Program is subject to the General TradeOr Terms and Conditions. Should there be a direct conflict between the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions and the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program shall take priority.  
  2. To join the TradeOr Affiliate Program, an Affiliate Application form must be fully filled in and submitted. Once received our team will process the form, and should it be accepted, the applicants will be informed via email.  
  3. To be applicable to join the Affiliate Program and be eligible to receive any commissions, the applicant must have a TradeOr account, which has successfully passed the proof of identity checks in order to verify their identity.  
  4. Through the TradeOr Affiliate Program, Affiliates will be compensated 15% of the Spread on applicable trades made by their referrals as commission.The TradeOr Affiliate Program does not pay commission on any Stock Trades made by Referrals. 
  5. Commission Payments will be made every 2 weeks on Fridays, for any outstanding commission value of over $15. 
  6. The TradeOr  Affiliate Program will not allow Affiliates to create multiple accounts and refer themselves, as per General Terms and Conditions. Any accounts found in breach of the Term will be deactivated and disqualified from payments of any pending and future commission generated. 
  7. Any new referrals generated by an Affiliate must be signed-up via the Unique Referral Link that will be provided upon joining the Affiliate Program. Any new accounts registered without the use of the Unique Referral Link will not yield commission returns.
  8. There is no limit on the number of referrals a TradeOr Affiliate account can have. TradeOr reserves the right to implement such limits in the future. 
  9. There is no limit to the  amount of commission that can be generated by Affiliates via trades made by their referrals. TradeOr reserves the right to implement such limits in the future. 
  10. Commission paid is always a net amount and TradeOr is not responsible for any Taxes, as might be required under applicable laws. All users that are part of the TradeOr Affiliate Program shall indemnify TradeOr from any and all damages, including legal fees, that TradeOr may suffer for the failure of the Affiliate to comply with any of their tax obligation.  
  11. Unsolicited ‘Spamming’ of any Unique Referral Link in public areas, online forums, or messaging platforms is strictly prohibited, as is the use of any kind of advertising method that is deemed to be dishonest, misleading, or containing wrong information. Affiliates are also prohibited from creating or using any and all marketing materials that contain false, dishonest, or misleading information about TradeOr, TradeOr services. The creation and use of such marketing materials are also prohibited if these can be used to tarnish the reputation and image of TradeOr.  
  12. In no circumstance shall the acceptance into the Affiliate Program represent the creation of an agency, partnership, employment of any type, or any other form of joint enterprise between the Affiliate and TradeOr. Upon submission of the Affiliate Application, you certify that you will not make any false allegations or implications to the contrary.  
  13. The form submission to join the Affiliate Program shall constitute the acceptance of all the above Terms and Conditions related to the Affiliate Program. 
  14. By accepting our Affiliate Program T&Cs you agree to accept our General Terms & Conditions